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Deadlift – Understand Why Women Are Obsessed With It !

Deadlift is one of the best exercises to increase the strength of the whole body and to help improve your overall physical appearance.
So before we get to the bottom of this article, I would like to explain why women in particular should perform deadlifts regularly and consistently.

This particular exercise allows women to understand what is their true potential in terms of strength. Every time I train a woman and I want her to lift more weight in the deadlift (after the construction of adequate strength, of course), she ends up loving it.

Most common types of deadlift are:

  • Classic
  • Sumo
  • From a platform
  • Straight legs
  • Romanian

Why do we deadlift?

  • To teach lifting different objects properly;
  • To build strong abdominal muscles;
  • To develop the cooperation between abdominal muscles and
    extensors, resulting in better protection of the spine;
  • To develop the muscles of the back, buttocks and back of the
  • To stimulate work from the whole body;
  • To prepare the body for exercise such as squats.

Deadlift is not for:

  • People having severe curvature of the spine – especially the
    lumbar and cervical;
  • People with hypertension;
  • People with large visually impairments;
  • People with back injuries, intervertebral discs, sciatica.


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