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Is the gym the answer to your fitness goals? We choose to go to the gym for many different reasons. The Gym Tribe, which one are you?!

The Gym Bunny – As an opportunity to meet up with friends for training, chat or even coffee.

The Health Nut – Very often this group of people is ordered by a doctor to go to the gym and do exercise to improve some health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart problems, obesity or other injuries.

Kool & The Gang – Most movie stars and famous people go to the gym and promote activities, supplements and other activewear brands, so why not go to the gym and do the same as your favourite idol?

Follow The Leader – Many of your friends or colleagues from work are going to the gym and talking only about one thing and you don’t want to be left out so you join the fit group.

Prestige – Choosing the best equipped gyms or private-member clubs, always with a personal trainer. People who go to those gyms usually do that to display a certain status quo.

Social media – In this social media world it’s practically impossible to be away from the mobile and people from this group love to share their gym progress on internet portals.

Lifestyle – Going to the gym is just part of your daily routine and lifestyle.

Holiday season – You often see this group of people especially around January (New Year resolutions), May and June (working on summer body) and September (party too much on holidays).

Sport/competition – This is a group of people who is training to be better sportsmen or competitor. They are very easy to spot in the gym, as they usually are the fittest people around.

The beginning of my adventure

I started my adventure at the gym when I was 16.

A family friend gave me a handmade Chest Press Bench, with concrete weight plates and a pipe instead of the bar – and so began my love affair with fitness.

I would spend 2-4 hours every day in my home-made gym training, mostly my chest muscles.

At the time I didn’t have much knowledge about weight lifting or how to perform certain exercises.

If you asked me about my diet and supplements, I would’ve known the only food I ate was what my mum prepared!!!

And I couldn’t have been more happy with my training & diet. I thought that I didn’t need anything else to become stronger and fitter.

With time I started studying, reading books, magazines, sport forums, watching more videos, and talking with more experienced trainers and sportsmen.

Slowly I began experimenting on myself, learning new ways to train, new exercises and diets.

At the beginning my strength and stamina were not very impressive, but with time everything was improving. Every day I was enjoying my fitness adventure and my body transformation.

In my mind I was thinking that I can be the strongest man in the world and nothing can stop me. I was always looking for new challenges.

Days, weeks, months after I was getting there and I reached the impossible proving to myself and my friends that I can do everything I set my mind to.

From the age of 20 my point of view about the gym changed. I stopped competing with other people and I started focussing only on myself.

I didn’t want to make every training about who can lift heavier weights and I started thinking more about my future and the way I want to spend my life when I will be older.

I know that by having an active lifestyle I can enjoy my older age and still be able go for a hike, swim, play tennis or lift some extra weight in the gym.

My lovely parents are the perfect example of active people close to their 70’s. Everyday they cycle, take long walks and enjoy their retirement time by taking care of the garden and my little niece.

But my parents never went to the gym. So how is it possible that they maintained a healthy body condition? What is the point of going to the gym? My parents worked their whole life and they were always active, especially because they also had 3 lovely sons to take care of!

So the gym is not the only way to be fit and healthy, but it can definitely help you to stay in great shape, a balanced mind and body condition.

Remember you can find different things that will keep you in great shape, think about sports and different activities you like to do by yourself or together with your family or friends.

I try to motivate and inspire more of my friends and clients to explore and try some sports. Some of them find enjoyment and really amazing workout in trampoline jumping, yoga, tennis, badminton, basketball. My girlfriend is not a big fan of training in gym, but she loves to go to spinning classes and boxing with me.

Find your way to be fit and healthy and enjoy, at the beginning it will not be easy but with good help and motivation you will see how amazing your life can be.


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