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Green Tea

Tea leaves, both black and green, are from 2.5 to 4 percent zein, from which about 80 percent goes to the infusion during brewing.

A cup of tea comprises from 30 to 100 mg of theine. After drinking, it increases mental ability and physical body, and drowsiness, fatigue and exhaustion will pass.

Theine not only facilitates learning and improves the ability of association, but also regulates intestinal function, and in some people relieves all sorts of aches and pains.

However, it only stimulates on a fresh brew and is obtained after a maximum of 3 minutes. Tea brewed longer relaxes.

Green tea can very effectively help in getting rid of excess weight, because it inhibits the absorption of fat from food and increases its consumption by the body.

In addition, green tea increases the activity of certain enzymes involved in digestion, a positive effect on hepatic metabolism, and increases thermogenesis and accelerates fat oxidation.

And finally – drinking green tea during weight loss diets replenishes vitamins and minerals.


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