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High Intensity Interval Training

In recent years, the HIIT training has become very popular, as it is the foundation for building crossfit skills. What’s more, this training is increasingly replacing aerobic training within the weight loss process.


HIIT is based on interval training, which means that intensive and short exercises performed alternately with short rests make this type of training very effective.

High intensity training increases the body’s oxygen requirement during exercise, hence it will help you burn more fat and calories than regular aerobics.

HIIT is a training programme for people who want to burn fat quickly and improve their fitness levels. If you do not have the time to do cardio workouts but you want to get rid of unnecessary pounds and improve your physical fitness, you should most definitely consider taking up HIIT training.



HIIT training can save you time as a typical HIIT session usually lasts between 15-30 minutes of workout. It is a great way to train for busy people, who cannot afford sufficient time for long training and still want to be in a good physical form.

Training can be performed anywhere, without the need for additional sports equipment. It is a very convenient way of training, especially for people who do not always have access to the gym.

Very intensive interval exercises will not only speed up your metabolism but also improve it for up to 48 hours after exercise. This means that you will burn fat even after you’ve forgotten about the exercise you had performed.

It is essential to add that during this workout you do not burn muscle mass (as opposed to cardio workout effects), which is very important for muscle carving and endurance.

Significant improvement of the heart condition also occurs by strengthening the heart and its cardiovascular system. Moreover, fast habituation of the body to the physical effort appears, even for people who did not previously perform physical activity.

Finally, HIIT reduces the risk of diabetes by increasing the insulin sensitivity.



Despite many obvious advantages, HIIT training is not recommended for beginners! In order to take up HIIT, you have to build a strong endurance and go through the basic exercises first, which will help you prepare for such intense training activities.

HIIT is inadvisable for people who do not know this technique of exercising well enough, due to the high speed and intensity of exercise and risk of injuries.

HIIT training is neither recommended for people who are injured or have problems with the circulatory system, nor for people who are highly overweight. This is due to the fact that most of the HIIT exercises involve jumping or running, which can  put a lot of pressure on the joints.

For best results and safe workouts, it is best to work under the guidance of an experienced trainer.


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