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Is The Sauna After A Workout Healthy?

Many fitness clubs have saunas, which may suggest that it is best to use them immediately after training.
But this is a big mistake! Never enter the sauna immediately after exercise.

Why shouldn’t you use the sauna after exercise?

In this room there is a very high temperature and humidity – in such conditions the body sweats and it loses water and electrolytes; the heart works at a speed of up to 140-160 beats per minute and breathing becomes shallow and accelerates. All of this makes your body get tired. Therefore, going into the sauna right after an exhausting exercise, especially aerobic, will make us more fatigued instead of giving us good rest.

After exercise the heart needs to calm down and regain normal body temperature – in the sauna this is impossible, because the body temperature rises up to 40 degrees Celsius and speeds up the heart rate. Such a state is not only harmful but dangerous to your health – and it may result in overheating of the body, unconsciousness, and in extreme cases even heart attack.

Instead of going in the sauna after a workout you should use exercise-cooling (cool-down) and make up the lost fluids. In this way, your body will regain balance, calm down, and rest.

Sauna after a workout – when should you use it?

The above-mentioned contraindications apply only to the time from several minutes to several hours after the workout. After the body has had a chance to recover fully, the sauna is completely safe.

Sauna after training – health benefits

Going to the sauna in the days when you are not training has a positive effect on the body and it increases the effects of exercise:

  • improves the circulation, so that more muscles are supplied with oxygen and nutrients – which in turn accelerates regeneration and growth
  • relieves muscle and joint pain
  • promotes recovery after injuries
  • increases the volume of blood, which has a positive impact on performance
  • strengthens the body and makes it more resistant to disease
  • cleanses the body of toxins
  • relaxes your mind and the body


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